Park’s London Candles


In 1987 Carol Symons opened a small London boutique with a collection of gifts and three scented candles. “I remember being nervous watching a customers first reaction whenever they’d lean in to smell the candles. I probably spent way too much time thinking about what their smiles meant”

Hand Poured

Unfortunately, in those days, established candle manufacturers who could help meet the demand hadn’t yet come around to the benefits of
eco-friendly products. Carol’s commitment to 100% natural wax, a super-clean burn and sustainable sourcing went beyond the capabilities
of larger volume manufacturers who were committed to paraffin in the 80’s.

Natural Not Easy

With 100% natural wax and her favourite scent (Parks Original), it wasn’t long before brands like Harrods recognised the quality, fine fragrance and unique attention to detail. They began placing orders and it quickly became obvious the demand would be impossible to meet.


Parks is still a family run business, with a 33,000 sqft production facility in the heart of England, showroom in London’s’ West End and customers on all five continents – but we’ve never forgotten the values which brought us here. Every hour of every day, someone, somewhere on the planet is smiling because they’ve just lit or been given one of our candles.

That’s why we love what we do.

You can find Park’s London Candles here:

  • Colne Available in: Home Accessories & Gifts

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