Lakeland Leather


Lakeland Leather is the renowned specialist in luxury leather and sheepskin garments and accessories. Their story started in 1955 when Jack Standring opened his first shop in Ambleside, in the heart of the Lake District. Now the UK’s largest leather retailer, they’re still family-owned, and still based in their Lakeland home. Jack’s passion was leather goods; and when you love leather like Lakeland do, you soon realise no two garments are the same. Every hide is unique and needs the eye of an expert to get the beauty to reveal itself. Lakeland keep their leather natural and soft-to-touch, just as Jack insisted all those years ago.

Now offering so much more than just leather, everything Lakeland sell is designed by their team in Ambleside, taking inspiration from their natural surroundings and the fashion world.

You can find Lakeland Leather here:

  • Colne Available in: Womenswear

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