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De Rosa Hand Carved Collectables at Boundary Mill

The De Rosa family has been producing hand carved ceramic pieces for over 70 years. The skills and ethos of the company are as strong to day under the direction of father Jorge and daughter Agustina De Rosa as they were all those years ago.

Each De Rosa figurine is unique with no two being hand carved exactly the same.  The process starts with a hand cast ceramic piece that is then carved by skilled artisans and fired to produce the canvas for the hand painting to begin.  A huge range and type of colours are used to create the effects that you see in the finished pieces.  After hours of hand painting and a further firing the gilding is added, in either gold or platinum colours, adding that final touch of glamour and luxury.

The De Rosa range is constantly being updated and new pieces developed.  Many of the most popular categories are added to every year with Cats, Owls and Elephants being some of our most sought after.  The range on offer at Boundary Mill is constantly changing; something new and exciting is never far away.

With Christmas just around the corner take a look at our Nativity set, a superb celebration of this very special time of the year.

You can find De Rosa Collectables here:

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