Bakewell believe that cooking should be an easy and enjoyable experience, that’s why they’ve made it their mission to innovate cooking products that are convenient, recyclable and help make no mess whilst producing delicious food. With over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing catering consumables in the UK, Bakewell strive to continue producing market leading quality products for the whole family that are healthier, tastier, cleaner and quicker to use.

Cook the Bakewell way! With this 100% recyclable oven and cooking bag range, perfect for cooking meat, fish and vegetables. A healthier way to cook as food cooks in its own juices, so no need to add cooking oils. Quicker and tastier results as the bag cooks food up to 10% quicker whilst locking in flavour. All this with a cleaner kitchen due to the products keeping the kitchen sparkly clean!

You can find Bakewell here:

  • Colne Available in: Cookshop & Small Electrical
  • Sheffield Available in: Cookshop & Small Electrical
  • Newcastle upon Tyne Available in: Cookshop & Small Electrical
  • Walsall Available in: Cookshop & Small Electrical

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