After Eden


Dare to play with your inner thoughts and outwardly reflect your female qualities…… Embrace your feminity…Reveal and open up on those moments that you choose, and not because someone else expects you to. Reflect your deeper emotion, be the woman who dares to explore her feelings, and wears lingerie to reflect this. After Eden offers an extensive lingerie collection which ensures that each moment of the day you can feel empowered and a complete woman… Wearing After Eden lingerie allows you to be yourself, and to lead your life exactly as you have planned Enjoy freedom, be self-confident, self-assured, and more importantly be yourself…

IT’S YOUR WORLD, IT’S AFTER EDEN’S WORLD, Be that woman of the world!

The collections are divided in different delivery moments with different color concepts. Comfort, fashion and every moment are the keywords of the collections. In each concept you will find a variety of wire bra’s, padded bra’s, push up bra’s, gel bra’s with matching briefs, hipsters, boxers and strings. Slip dresses and baby dolls are not to be forgotten. Size range in common from A cup till G cup. All in the middle price level. Definitely a “must have”!

You can find After Eden here:

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